Meet J. Alleyn Winchester

I'm a Pagan, Transgender, Biracial, Nerd

Winchester's passion for storytelling was born from a love of bedtime stories with his father. Inspired by this intimate time with family, stories were formed from basic sentences as soon as he was taught how. Anything from short stories to puppet show scripts became an exciting pass time as a child. Fortunately, homeschooling offered a large window to dabble with the written word.

In 2014, Winchester experienced a great deal of self-discovery, heartbreak, and spiritual awakening that sparked the birth of three epics he poured over a decade of his life into developing, affectionately known as his Triad Sagas. It was clear to him that these stories needed to be told to encourage others that shared similar struggles, but in his pursuit of publishing and editing, his goals and hopes often fell through for many years. After a few brief experiences on the college level, it became clear that the only way to improve his quality of work was to just put it out there, which led to a platform called Inkitt.

He has submitted multiple titles and still adds new works in progress. The free-to-read platform opened a window of opportunity to receive feedback that has immensely improved his work. He continues to seek readers as he pursues publishing through Inkitt's publishing platform, Galatea, as well as self-publishing opportunities. Winchester lives with his wife, Chelsea - his soul mate and muse - in Virginia Beach, VA.

I love hearing from my readers and enjoy hearing your impressions of my work! As my brand grows, I want to hear more about my readers, your tastes, and what adventure you’d like me to write next.