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When I first started writing stories as a kid, I never would have guessed I’d be sitting here with completed titles to share with people around the world so easily. Inkitt has given me an opportunity I never thought was possible: feedback from the world! Working on these stories has led to some incredible experiences since I joined their community in October 2018. I have received some great comments and criticism that has helped me grow as a writer. I hope to see these titles one day on their immersive reading app, Galatea. Check out my featured titles below for free.


October 20, 2018

As a child, Mary saw her twin sister abducted from their room, leaving her to wonder why she had been left behind. Years later, her family home was burned to the ground with her parents inside. Thirsty for revenge and answers, she is haunted by a reality she does not want to face. Vampires stole her life, but was she one of them? The medicine her father made her take for years seems to confirm that, but how can she be a vampire when she walks around during the day? Half a world away, Mara has only known the world inside the walls of a castle. While treated as royalty, her only confidant is her emotionless mentor that hardly speaks. Coming into her own as a woman has enough challenges, but no one told her about the lapse in memory and monstrous bipolar episodes. If the Empress of Darkness will make things even out, she would happily give up the struggle, but what cost will she pay to be free of her misery? Can Mary find Mara in time to save her from a fate worse than death, or will Mara's light be smothered under the shadow of Darkness? Who will prevail: the Day or the Night?


November 02, 2018

Akiko and her father, Karura, have been forced to live as mortals as they hide from the one's responsible for the mark on her head. Aging slower than humans leaves Akiko stuck in high school, doomed to repeat the cycle after every graduation. Unable to talk about the burden on her shoulders, she feels isolated, wondering if she will follow her mother's fate. Before bitterness can claim her heart, Kazuki enters their lives, a mysterious soul with memories of countless lives. When they aren't taking out oni and spirits plaguing Akiko, they form a friendship that inspires her to hope this nightmare might end one day. However, when the Judge of the Dead's son checks on Kazuki, Karura and Akiko realize their savior might be in need of saving himself? Perhaps the power Akiko has been unable to reach can save them all...


April 07, 2019

Nearly a millennium ago, the Graeco emerged from Gaea's womb in the wake of a nuclear war. Horrified by humanity's destruction, they stripped the countries of power, confining survivors and starting recovery efforts. All humanity had left was the Vatican for leadership. Since then, Humans and Graeco have grown closer, but their religious leaders are determined to maintain segregation. Those that choose to embrace diversity have faced hardships, and their children have suffered under both sides. These biracial children cannot be silenced, choosing to fight for their existence. Years of peace have ended, and war lingers on the horizon. The only supporting faction is the king of the Graeco, Zeus V, for he chose a human wife that blessed him with a beautiful daughter. The Temple of Delphi demands the princess be treated as the rest of the children, called Xenoi, but an unforeseen twist forces Princess Artemis to flee the castle. With her divine guardian by her side, Artemis searches for answers. Why is the Xenoi Resistance after her? How did they entered Castle Olympus? As fate would have it, the isolated woman finds hope in a Catholic priest, Father David Fallon.


April 25, 2019

Moonshine, South Dakota. A quiet town with a diverse population of people and business. Life has its ups and downs for everyone, especially the youth looking toward their futures. Among the typical struggles of teenage years, Jaime, Leif, Chelsea, and Jake band together to sort out each other's personal troubles that others don't seem to understand. Beginning second semester of their sophomore year, a new student enters their school. Flora is different from their mundane lives, and they gravitate to her unique personality. However, she has a secret that she can't keep by herself, and as her family comes to visit her, the teens realize they aren't the typical clan or creed. They thought her last name was weird, but it actually explains everything: Nature. Some people feel relaxed when they take a nature walk, but these young adults actually get to walk with it, learning about themselves and the world they share.


July 16, 2019

Samuel Watson believes his existence is insignificant. Abandoned as an infant, he grew up alone most of his short life. Avoided by his peers because of his strange eyes, and overlooked by adults for being too quiet, his only solace is in sleep. He resolves to stick to his societal obligations, embracing a life of isolation. Some people are just meant to be alone, or at least, that’s what he thought. An unexpected turn of events rips the seventeen-year-old from his placid life into a world of exhilarating impossibilities. The Sun rises in the south. Water always flows north. Gods exist - living among the people - and magic is a typical part of life. Despite its amazing appearance, a darkness is slowly swallowing this world of fantastic wonders, and an old mystic says that Samuel is meant to find out how to stop it. Even with two, powerful companions backing him up, how can one hermit of a teenager alter the fate of a land he hardly understands? What light can Aurora shine into his lonely spirit?


August 12, 2019

The Phantom of the Opera is a beautiful piece of literature, and Final Fantasy VII is perhaps one of the most loved installments of its franchise. What if the Phantom was the hero though? What if Cloud Strife never entered the Shinra mansion? Well, I wrote this crossover to find out! I give you a new spin on two classics!

Hidden in the shadows, Vincent Valentine thirsts for revenge after the Shinra Company's science division locked him away. With his limited freedom, he stalks the organization he once served to pacify the suffering they cursed him with. By chance, the soothing voice of a cherub sparks new hope and longing he thought died long ago. Can a tainted phantom find love with an angel of music? 

I do not own The Phantom of the Opera, nor do I own Final Fantasy VII. The storylines were altered to create this story. Whether you've heard of The Phantom of the Opera or Final Fantasy VII or not, you might find something new to enjoy.

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